The World's Best Unknown Books
12 03 2014

Mr. Schwob heads East

The Forgotten War

On March 14, 2014, at 8 pm, the UT Connewitz, one of Leipzig’s oldest cinemas, will host an exceptional evening event. At the invitation of organisers Alida Bremer and Martin Pollack, Finnegan’s List editor Katrin Thomaneck will present the Schwob program.
Yuri Andrukhovych and György Spiró are among the celebrated authors who will speak about the First World War and present modern classics from the Southeast, Central Europe, and the Eastern parts of Europe. Visit the website of the Leipzig Bookfair for more information.

Contemporary authors from Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Belarus, and Bosnia-Herzegovina – all important locations of war atrocities – will discuss the significant changes caused by the war in their respective countries, as well as its on-going consequences.
Excerpts from mostly unknown modern classics of these parts of Europe will be read in German translation, and the authors will not only speak about what the works mean as testimonies of war, but also about the dawn of literary modernity.

Alida Bremer, a recognized translator and author from the European network Traduki, and Martin Pollack, also an eminent translator and author as well as the organiser of Tranzyt (Literature from Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus), will moderate the evening. Photos from the private collection of Martin Pollack will be exhibited.

Finnegan’s List editor K. Thomaneck will present the Schwob program to the audience and collect ideas for future Schwob titles and tips.

Future Schwob program destinations will be Paris (March 22, 2014) as well as London (April 2014). More soon…