The World's Best Unknown Books
25 04 2018

Publishing rediscovered gems around the world

Even though Schwob is currently focused on the promotion of the translation and republication of old classics from world literature in The Netherlands, there are a lot of other parties that do just that around the globe. Today, we want to take a…

13 04 2018

Schwob's digital recommendations

An exploration of blogs and websites focusing on world literature, forgotten works and literature in translation

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04 04 2018

Schwob in 2018

5 books every season!

There has been some exciting changes for Schwob recently, which is why I’m writing this short article to explain our new setup.

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24 11 2014

The Finnegan's List asks for Schwob titles

Are the names of Melpo Axioti, Knud Sønderby and Marek Hłasko familiar to you? If not – which is probably the case for most of us – on October 29, 2014, there was an opportunity to change that.
Three contemporary authors from Finnegan’s List…

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13 11 2014

The three Peters of Hungarian Literature?

What has been discussed in Krakow

Who are the three Peters of Hungarian literature? What is a dinosaur doing on the banks of the Danube? Why is it important to steal books and to read Playboy from time to time? Would Dostoevsky use Twitter? Finnegan’s List jury members Dimitri…

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13 11 2014

“Niels Lyhne excellently translated”

Annelies van Hees wins Amy van Marken Translation Prize

On November 28th, the Amy van Marken Translation Prize will be awarded to Annelies van Hees for her translation, from the Danish, of Niels Lyhne by Jens Peter Jacobsen (original publication 1880). The Dutch translation was published last February by…

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04 11 2014

Josef and his Brothers in Dutch translation

The work of Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann is widely translated in Dutch, with only one exception: Josef and his Brothers, which Mann started writing in 1925 in Munich and finished in Californian exile. Because of its length, no Dutch publisher…

20 10 2014

Mr Schwob visits Kraków

On October 21, 2014, three exceptional writers from Finnegan’s List juries past and present – Gabriela Adameşteanu, Dimitri Verhulst & György Dragomán – will speak at the Conrad Festival about their favourite classics. The event will…

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26 09 2014

Schwob in the Public Library in Amsterdam

With Grunberg, Grøndahl and Chrissopoulos

On October 29th at 8pm, at the Public Library of Amsterdam, three internationally acclaimed authors will share their favourite forgotten classics from European literature: Arnon Grunberg from The Netherlands, Jens Christian Grøndahl from Denmark…

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14 09 2014

Eastern European Writers about their Forgotten War

A war still visible in classical literature

On March 14, 2014, at the Leipziger Buchmesse, Alida Bremer and Martin Pollack organised an event entitled “The Forgotten War”, a discussion between the authors Yuri Andrukhovych (Ukraine), György Spiró (Hungary), Vera Dzyadok (Belarus)…

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21 03 2014

Schwob @ London Book Fair

Making Words Travel

On Wednesday April 9th Daniel Hahn interviews Oliver Ready and Patrick McGuinness at the Literary Translation Centre on what it means to translate modern classics. Joined by Alexandra Koch, Editor-in-Chief of Schwob.

12 03 2014

Cultural Ambassadors of Europe

How do works travel?

On Saturday, March 22, at 5PM, at the Salon du Livre in Paris (stand P76) the Institut français will host an exciting debate entitled “The Cultural Ambassadors of Europe – How do works travel?”

12 03 2014

Mr. Schwob heads East

The Forgotten War

On March 14, 2014, at 8 pm, the UT Connewitz, one of Leipzig’s oldest cinemas, will host an exceptional evening event. At the invitation of organisers Alida Bremer and Martin Pollack, Finnegan’s List editor Katrin Thomaneck will present the…

08 10 2013

The Finnegan’s List 2014

Have you ever wondered what your favourite authors are reading?

Some of the most highly respected names in European literature have again chosen their pick of under-translated works for Finnegan’s List.

18 09 2013

Schwob goes online

The launch of a project

This website is being launched in English on September 19 as part of an ambitious project to find and promote insiders’ tips about modern European literature. Schwob presents modern classics, cult books and must-reads that have not yet been widely…

09 09 2013

Europe in Translation

Schwob / Finnegan’s List at the 13th International Literaturfestival Berlin

On September 10 three writers present their suggestions for translation at a Schwob / Finnegan’s List event in Berlin. The Dutch author Arnon Grunberg, Oya Baydar from Turkey and the Croatian writer Roman Simić talk about the Polish author Marek…

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09 09 2013

Schwob / Finnegan’s List in Marseille

A New Schwob / FL Event on October 20

Marseille-Provence is one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2013. The French harbour on the Mediterranean will host the second Schwob/Finnegan’s List event, a top-notch literary talk with Israeli writer Etgar Keret, Christos Chryssopoulos…

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