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Schwob looks for modern classics, cult books, must-reads from all over the world, which haven’t been widely translated and which are to most of us still an insider’s tip.

Schwob is an initiative of the Dutch Foundation of Literature that aims to promote the publication and consumption of the so-called rediscovered classics. These are modern works that were once incredibly successful and important in their respective countries, but have never been translated into Dutch or have not been available for the last twenty years. In addition to providing additional funding for publishers in order to facilitate these very special translations, Schwob is also involved in the promotion of recently published works with their website, social media channels, flyers and through the organization of events and book clubs throughout the country.
An overview of books that are receiving special attention from Schwob this year can be found here.

Schwob used to be a collaboration of literature foundations in Finland, Belgium (Flemish), the Netherlands, Poland, Wales and Catalonia, plus the Société européenne des auteurs (Finnegan’s List). The project was also supported by the European Union. The works that are highlighted on this website are a direct result of this collaboration.

All these titles will provide you with an impression of European quality literature in the 20th Century in all its diversity, they’ll enable you to make new references between literature, the history of regions and the ever-changing imagination in different parts of Europe during these last 100 years. From Galicia to the Transylvanian mountains, from aristocratic palaces to the suburbs of cities and battlefields of the various wars they open a spectrum of human dealing with the enormous changes this Century has dealt with and which created the situations we are living in now.

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Alexandra Koch, editor Schwob, at the Dutch Foundation for Literature, tel: 0031 20 520 73 00,

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