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09 09 2013

Europe in Translation

Schwob / Finnegan’s List at the 13th International Literaturfestival Berlin

On September 10 three writers present their suggestions for translation at a Schwob / Finnegan’s List event in Berlin. The Dutch author Arnon Grunberg, Oya Baydar from Turkey and the Croatian writer Roman Simić talk about the Polish author Marek Hłasko and about the ‘Franz Kafka of Turkish literature’, Bilge Karasu.

The 13th Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin proves its name true – once again the festival shows the diversity of different literatures in all its facets. Schwob will be presented at this edition for the first time to a German audience.

For this event the Société européenne des auteurs, one of the partners within Schwob, invited three authors from the Finnegan’s List – a list published each year and presenting the choice of 10 known authors from various countries, who each choose three of their favourite titles which should be known better and translated more widely.

The works of Bilge Karasu, Frans Kellendonk and Olja Savičević Ivančevićare three examples of these ‘Geheimtipps’ introduced by Oya Baydar, Arnon Grunberg and Roman Simić on September 10.

A personal choice of the writers, and at the same time all these three titles are proof that ‘Culture at last always is the result of all influences from outside it receives’ (Juan Goytisolo, member of the Finnegan’s List jury 2012)