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Aili and Austin Flint


The American Austin Flint and his wife Aili, born in Finland, translated works by Finnish writers. They both taught at Columbia University in New York City.

Austin Flint was a playwright and Adjunct Professor in the Arts at Columbia University. Graduated from Millbrook School, Harvard College, BA, and Columbia University, MA in English. He married Aili Flint in 1958 in Helsinki where he was teaching. In 1960, he began a 47-year teaching career in writing at Columbia University; he taught playwriting and was Director of Undergraduate Studies in Creative Writing. He translated works by Finnish writers and playwrights with his wife. Austin Flint passed away in New York on January 31, 2015.

Aili Flint was a Finnish native and lived in New York. She taught courses in Finnish language, linguistics, literature and folklore.

Aili and Austin Flint

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