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09 09 2012

An Alchemist of Wit

Chronicles of a Hidden Truth Pere Calders

Chronicles of the Hidden Truth is a collection of thirty-one short stories renowned for their unusual imaginative twists, the originality of their humor, and the gentle irony of their commentary on mankind’s predicaments and the curiosities of life.

One of the first generation of magic-realist writers

Amanda Bath

Calders sees the human condition as the only subject worthy of literary consideration and worked at and delighted in casting light on the variety and diversity of mankind throughout his career.

Agile, unpredictable and subtle, his stories are often impregnated with realism touched by magic and mystery. With extraordinarily skilful writing and rich language, his short stories have been compared to those of Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe and Luigi Pirandello.

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Grup 62/ Planeta
Original language
Original title
Cròniques de la veritat oculta (1955)
Earlier in these languages
French, Spanish
Víctor Català Award (1954)

Available as
ISBN 9788492672097
368 pages
€ 12,95