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Tom Kristensen


Tom Kristensen (1893-1974), was a Danish poet, novelist, literary critic and journalist.

Kristensen was born in London to Danish parents, but grew up in Copenhagen and was educated at the University of Copenhagen. Kristensen is considered one of the most colourful poets of his generation. n 1930 he published perhaps his most well-known work, the novel Hærværk (literally: Vandalism, published in English as Havoc in 1968). During the 1930s, Kristensen concentrated on commemorative poems, of which he was a master. Besides being a writer of fiction, Kristensen was a sharp and outstanding critic, and for thirty years he worked as a reviewer, mostly at the radical-liberal daily Politiken. As a critic he was lauded for his ability to enter into the spirit of his subject. He also wrote many collections of essays and travel books.

Tom Kristensen