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Henri Guigonnat


Henri Guigonnat was a French writer primarily known for his book Daemon in Lithuania, which is testimony to his humorous, perverse and elegant writing style.

Henri Guigonnat (1947 or 1948, died 1997 or 1998) was born in Tarbes. As a student he moved to Paris where he got acquainted with the avant-garde, bohemian, artistic and anarchistic crowd of the day. He befriended the surrealist artist Leonor Fini who invited him to her Corsica house in the early 1970s. When Guigonnat found out that he was her only guest who was not working (be it painting, writing or something else), he decided to write a book. That was Daemon in Lithuania and was probably partly inspired by his beloved cat called Démone.

The book was published by Flammarion and was received with great enthusiasm. It would remain Guigonnat’s only novel, although many people encouraged him to write another book and he tried for years. He eventually left Paris for financial reasons and went to live with his mother in Tarbes. Feeling very lonely, one of his only regular correspondents was Barbara Wright, the English translator of Daemon. He died shortly after his 50th birthday.

Henri Guigonnat

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