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Axel Jensen


Axel Buchardt Jensen (1932–2003) was a Norwegian author. He published both fiction and non-fiction texts: novels, poems, essays, a biography, and manuscripts for cartoons and animated films.

Jensen was born in Trondheim, but lived in different places (on a Greek island, London, Stockholm) before settling back in Norway. In Greece he made friends with Leonard Cohen, in London with the psychiatrist R.D. Laing, and even worked as his assistant. Through his wife Jensen had a contact with India, and included Indian subjects in his works (e.g. he wrote an essay about Salman Rushdie).

In the last ten years of his life Jensen suffered from ALS disease, and gradually became paralyzed, losing the abilities to speak or write.

He wrote ten novels, and besides his fiction, also published a series of articles and essays which focused on main political and social issues – especially on health care - and autobiographical books.

Axel Jensen

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