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Stefan Themerson

Poland / England

Stefan Themerson was one of the most original and provocative Polish writers and artists of his day. He translated his own book Professor Mmaa’s Lecture into English.

In his twenties, Stefan Themerson (Poland, 1910 – Great Britain, 1988) made, with his wife, Franciszka Themerson (painter and graphic artist), several experimental films and invented new techniques for photograms. They lived in Paris, and later in London.

In 1940-42, during his stay in France, Themerson wrote his first novel, Professor Mmaa’s Lecture. In 1948 he and his wife founded a highly original publishing house, the Gaberbocchus Press, which published much of Themerson’s work.

His books have been translated into eight languages. Ethics, language, freedom, human dignity and the importance of good manners are his main themes.

Stefan Themerson