The World's Best Unknown Books

Chapter One

At the time of this story, the war had driven me far from my usual dwelling places. Two dreadful foreign armies were clashing on our soil, and most of us felt as if the ferocious campaign would rage on forever. Our population, as you can imagine, suffered direct, barbaric harm. And when…

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We three boys loved to go to the country around Krivoklat castle. Then I didn’t know why, but today I do. Papa understood. Even then he knew that though one day I might see the boulevards of Paris and the skyscrapers of New York, I would never again spend weeks in a cottage where bread browns…

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1. Human Folly

At night, when I hold conversations with myself, I cannot logically justify my constant preoccupation with human folly.

Whether human folly is the work of God or not, it does not diminish in practice. Centuries often elapse before one human folly gives place to another, but, like the…

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Wherein Professor Mmaa Begins His Lecture

I have steadfastly resisted the temptation…” – said Professor Mmaa; and as he spoke it suddenly occurred to him that the world was simple and not complicated.

“It has suddenly occurred to me that the world is simple and not…

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Chapter One

The radiant afternoon sunlight of early September was so brilliant that it still seemed like summer. Two larks were soaring high into the air, pausing a few seconds and then diving to skim the surface of the fields before rising ever higher into the blue sky.

On the ground…

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